Singing bowl

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I finally succeeded in saving enough money to buy the Tibetan singing bowl I’ve been dreaming of for months. It’s not an extremely expensive one, but lately I’ve been quite on a budget. It took me some weeks and several part-time job extra hours to finally get the 40€.
Not that much indeed, but when you’ve got to pay the bills, gas for your car and so on, 40€ can be a rather big sum to save ^^
Anyway, I got the money I need so I’ll be ordering the bowl by the end of the week. I’m so excited !
I found, a while ago a French seller on the internet, his site is full of wondrous things, mainly singing bowls, directly from Tibet and imported via fair trade.
The great thing about this site is that it allows you to listen the sound of the very bowl you plan to buy… gorgeous !
Well I listened the chants of most of the bowls in my price range, I didn’t connect at all with some but I eventually found the one I was looking for. Now I look forward holding him in my hands.
☼ ☼ ☼
I’ve always been drown to the Tibetan culture and Buddhism, this was the first ‘non-catholic/Muslim/Jew’ spirituality I really studied. My family (my parents at least) have always been very open-minded, my mom used tarots and oracles for a long time so her and my dad encouraged me in my researches in spirituality. I came across Buddhism fairly young, almost in the same time, my father who visited Japan started to tell me about Shintô. Well, I really connected with those two paths at that time, and I still do.
My actual beliefs are colored by Buddhism rituals and Shintô’s folklore, there are Buddhas and mala beads and so on on my altar, there have always been.
Well, I’ve been craving for a singing bowl for a while, two years. First, when I was thinking of incorporating music in my practice, I started with a clay ocarina I have for years. Then, I had to make a choice between buying a drum or a bowl since I couldn’t afford both.
Obviously I chose the first one, simply because drums seemed easier to play, it seemed to offer more opportunities. I do not regret my choice, my bodhràn is my baby and I wouldn’t give him away for anything in the world but now that I can offer me a bowl, I think this tool will be a great addition to my ritual tools.
☼ ☼ ☼
Let’s come back to the website I was writing about at the beginning of this article. Well, I’ll be more exhaustive when I will have actually order and receive my bowl but, from now, I’ve a good opinion of it.
First, the design is perfect. It fits the theme, it’s not too much, neither too new age, nor too commercial. The sober and classy colors, the good grammar (which is for my extremely important) and loads of other little things gives it an aura of general reliability.
The site does not only offers singing bowls but also prayer beads and stuff, batiks or jewelry, everything from Tibet, imported through fair trade
You can listen to each bowl sound, the owner even offers you to call him to listen your future bowl in live. This is, in my opinion, really nice.
Bowls are mailed within 24h, the shipping costs are fair (even pretty low according to what you can see on the internet nowadays).
Well it helps creating confidence in the store.
☼ ☼ ☼
When I decided to buy a bowl, I choose to get a good quality one, but not a luxurious object. First because I couldn’t afford it, second, because I thought it was ridiculous to get a ‘professional-luxury-expensive’ bowl as I didn’t even know how to play it.
I’m not a collector, neither a professional player nor a Tibetan monk, such a treasure would have been wasted.
Honestly, I was lucky to find Bol Chantant as it offers fair prices and quality goods.
☼ ☼ ☼


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